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Damp beginnings

Sao Paolo breaks out the rain

rain 24 °C

Although we flew with one of the cheapest airlines and received a service reflective of the airfare, the journey itself was fine and we arrived in the Brazillian city of Sao Paulo in good spirits. After checking in out our hotel, described by Lonely Planet as an 'Italian farmhouse on steroids,' we hit the town for a midnight dinner and cerveja where we enjoyed some excellent burgers. Not exactly traditional Brazilian fare, but similar to Australia, Brazil doesn't have much of a national cuisine.


Sao Paulo is an enormous city of 11 million and serves as a business and industrial hub of Brazil. The rich/poor divide was very apparant, and the classier suburb 'Jardins' was a stark contrast to other parts of the city. There was an extremely fast and efficient Metro system, which left us wondering why Australian cities can't get one of these, they make so much sense!

On our first morning we were greeted with a shock of cold and light drizzle which progressed to steady rain by lunchtime. This did not make for an ideal walking tour of the historical district, however with the aid of a paragua (umbrella) and an enthusiastic homeless Paulistano man, we captured a few interesting shots, with many paraguas in them.

Next stop, Rio Baby!

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Moving out and shipping off


So the traumer of moving out of our house (more to the point, cleaning it) is over. All our worldly belongings are packed into a box, or will be strapped to our backs for the next 12 weeks. And I know details and photos of us moving house is not what everyone wants to see from our travel blog, but our journey definitely starts here.

Today we put Bodhi on the plane for his holiday in the Mornington Peninsular, with only a few tears from Ali, picked up my Brazilian Visa, and have put the finishing touches to packing. Plane leaves at the civilized time of 1pm tomorrow, and 20hrs after that we'll touch down in Sao Paulo.

To check out where we are planning to travel for the next 12 weeks, check out the map attached. Plans are likely to change, but I'll try and keep it up to date. Also, the plan is to make this blogging regular, so if you want to keep up to date with our trip hook up to the feed. And hopefully we get some great photos to share.

See you in South America!!

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